Katie & Adam

This September Wedding found its way to me when the mother of the groom spotted me photographing at another wedding. It always means so much to me when that happens; the chain reaction of giving it your all & then being noticed a recognized for it. Thanks for that, Universe.

I knew I'd like Katie & Adam before I even met them because of how they filled out my wedding questionnaire...honest & sweet with a touch of nervous excitement & a tangible desire for the day to be something that not only they would enjoy, but that everyone would enjoy.  Needless to say their wedding day was just that, exceptionally lovely. Also, I've never heard more poetic heartfelt vows in the entirety of my wedding photography career; I was actually simultaneously laughing & tearing up so heavily that it was hard to keep my vision clear enough to keep shooting. Oh, & the grooms cry face? PRICELESS.