Heather Christie

I had admired Heather from afar in the Northern California Festival circuit for nearly a year when she contacted me to do this photoshoot.  After photographing her singing on stage & seeing the gorgeous passion & intensity that she brings I was more than excited to work with her one on one. She was also one of the first people to book my Raw Emotion portrait package, which made me even more excited to work with her. We held our shoot at Lake Anza, a hidden gem in the Berkeley Hills, beginning with simple, elegant portraits amongst the brilliant nature that surrounded us, then within the huge bay trees we captured the raw emotion of focus & determination.  As we moved closer to the water Heather began to sing. It was an incredible sight to behold. The elegance of this beautiful woman & artist, singing out across the small lake, her song highlighted by her own echo & the chirping of small birds all around us. As the sun sunk behind the trees we moved into capturing the raw emotions of destruction & fear. It was powerful, awe inspiring & totally affirming of why I chose to start offering photoshoots that convey Raw Emotions.

It's wonderful to capture a humans beauty, but what about everything else? What about the pain, grief, sorrow? What about the shame, fear, anger?  What about the humanity that dwells with us all? As a woman on a creative path, the path of photography, I feel that it is my duty to capture it all.